This is the playful video I created using iMovie on an iPad during my first Audio/Visual workshop. It’s basically a documentation of what I did during my one hour lunch break. I had never used iMovie before; I liked the possibility of adding sounds but the actual software has nothing on my usual editing programs […]


Stephen Michael Reich was born October 3rd, 1936 and is an American composer. He is a pioneer of minimalism. His innovations include using tape loops to create phasing patterns ( for example “It’s Gonna Rain” and “Come Out”), and the use of processes to create and explore musical concepts (eg. “Pendulum music” and “Four Organs”). […]


I am sitting in a room(1969) This piece is of Alvin Lucier’s and is several sentences of recorded speech that are simultaneously played back into a room and re-recorded many times. Since all rooms have their own characteristics; special sensations and formant frequencies (all of which are different depending on size); the effect is that […]